Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Campus. It governs the app on your device, and how it interacts with online services provided by us and third parties.


This document lets you know, in clear terms, how your information is handled.

This policy applies to Campus 2.0 and later. Last updated on 28th September 2015.

University Timetable

To connect your university timetable to Campus, you log in directly to your university's website. Your username and password do not pass through Campus, and are not remembered by your device. As soon as your timetable is imported, your login session with your university is terminated.

Your username and password are secure. Campus never sees your username and password.

No information about you or your university timetable is held by us.

University Timetable With Live Timetable

Campus supports Live Timetable for some universities. Live Timetable allows Campus to update your timetable in the background automatically once per day.

Live Timetable stores a token that allows Campus to request a copy of your university timetable on your behalf without you having to log in again. This token is stored on your device only. You may delete this token by selecting the 'Sign out' option in Campus.

When downloading or updating your timetable, Campus Cloud requests a copy of your timetable and converts it into the format required by Campus. No information about you or your university timetable is held after the request is complete.

Your access token may appear in standard log files generated as a result of the timetable request being made to Campus Cloud.

University of Warwick

When you log in, Campus receives limited access to your Warwick account, which is used solely for the purpose of retrieving your university timetable. The services Campus is permitted to access are:

You may stop Campus from accessing your Warwick account by selecting the 'Sign out' option in Campus. You may alternatively stop Campus' access by revoking it on Warwick's website at

University Timetable Without Live Timetable

For universities where Live Timetable is not available, Campus performs a one-time import of your university timetable. To update your timetable in future, you must sign in to your university account again.

When downloading your timetable, your timetable grid is uploaded to Campus Cloud. No personally-identifiable information is included. Your timetable is not stored after the request is complete.

What's On

If you have added any events from What's On to your calendar, Campus will periodically send a list of these events to Campus Cloud to check for updates to these events. Campus may check for updates in the background automatically.

If you customise your view of the What's On home page, a list of your selected calendars are sent to Campus Cloud to retrieve the list of upcoming events.

User Calendar

Information about events your enter yourself is stored only on your device.


Campus occasionally submits anonymous usage reports to a third-party server. The information collected allows us to learn how people use Campus, so we can make the app better for you. Usage reports are grouped by university.

If you would prefer not to participate, you may opt out by turning off the Share Usage Reports option. On iOS, this option is in the Campus section of the Settings app. On Android, this option is available in About > Privacy Policy.


We may update our privacy policy from time to time, so please review it periodically. Campus will always show you the latest version, with the date of last revision indicated.

Thanks for using Campus!